The Slovenian Harp Association was founded in Velenje in 1995 as a voluntary association of professional harpsts, amateurs and harp lovers. Since its establishment, the basic objective of the operation has been professional integration, organized cooperation and a common interest in recognising the harp in Slovenia as a concert instrument of many dimensions.

The area to which the association pays special attention is education, as quality work expands general knowledge and interest in the instrument. The association develops proposals and opinions in the field of education, lectures, professional seminars and study groups for teachers are organised. The Association organises projects for the purpose of promoting an instrument such as music workshops, magazines of young harpists, filming and competitions. Young harpists are offered an additional opportunity to improve and an opportunity to speak publicly. The association's work is also focused on the expansion of harpist repertoire with compositions by Slovenian authors.

The Association offers the possibility of educating pupils, students, students and teachers, connection and contact with renowned professors from abroad, contact with members of the famous opera and philharmonic orchestras and a connection with harpists from around the world. Thus, young musicians have the opportunity to contact and gain experience during their schooling, which can significantly help to start their professional career. In the years since its establishment, the association's activity in the field of education has contributed to the visibility of the harp, resulting in huge growth in enrolment and consequently the opening of departments at music schools throughout Slovenia, thus motivating teachers for pedagogical work at an ever higher level.

We are proud of the permanent project of the International Competition of the Slovenian Harp Association, which was created as a result of good cooperation between members of the Association and active connection with the rest of the world and has traditionally been held since 2007 at the Fran Korun Koželjski Velenje Music School, which offers the possibility of competing at an extremely high level. The Slovenian Harp Association aims to maintain the quality of the competition, to acquire many competitors from all over the world, and to raise the competition to the highest possible level with the quality of the competitors, and to stand side by side with the most prestigious harp competition.

Slovenian Harp Association strives for conceptual different projects, innovation and good cooperation with various institutions at home and abroad. To this end, coordination groups shall be formed for individual events within the members actively involved in the achievement of the objectives.

We would like the events of the Slovenian Harp Association to justify the support and trust in our society.

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